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    Sustainability report

    Sustainability Report
    Memoria de Sostenibilidad 2022 FINAL V.2308.23-1

    At AES El Salvador we are continuously accelerating the future of energy together with our people, customers, partners, and communities. We invite you to discover how we are achieving this through the most recent edition of our Sustainability Report, which compiles our most outstanding efforts made during 2022 and part of 2023.

    Within this edition you will learn how, through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, we have modernized our electrical infrastructure, strengthened our grid and the reliability of our service; as well as the sustained progress that has had the transformation of our entire commercial system, in order to offer our customers a world-class service with processes specially adjusted to their needs and expectations. 

    As well, we present the significant steps we have taken in boosting our green growth strategy with the new ways to generate, store and manage energy; our efforts to continue contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint through electromobility, and how we continue to develop multiple energy solutions to continue accompanying the energy transformation of our commercial and industrial customers.

    For sure, in this report, we could not fail to mention the positive impact of our four axes of social responsibility — AES Education, AES Women, AES Rural Energy and AES Environment — that during this time we have continued transforming lives in the communities where we operate, and how, through them, we continue to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals  proposed by the United Nations and focusing on the 5 dimensions of the 2030 agenda (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships).
    Learn more about these and other initiatives within our 2022 Sustainability Report 

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