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    Sustainability report

    Comunidad-Community-Sustainability-Sostenibilidad-report-reporte Sustainability Report

    See our 2019 Sustainability Report that compiles the most important efforts that we have made during 2019 and part of 2020 to innovate in our business activities, promote the well-being of our people and comply with our commitment to operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, creating at the same time value for the communities that we serve. 

    Among other initiatives, the report highlights those that, through innovation and technology, have allowed us to transform and streamline our operations and electricity distribution services, and to continue responding with quality and in a timely manner to the requirements of our customers. Likewise, it describes our efforts aimed at strengthening the energy and environmental sustainability of our country and of the region through significant investments for the generation of renewable and non-polluting energy, as well as the development of alternate solutions that contribute to energy efficiency. 

    In parallel with those efforts, through our four CSR axes: AES Educación, AES Energía Rural, AES Mujer and AES Medio Ambiente, we have continued working jointly with the community to promote their sustainable and inclusive development, contributing at the same time to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  promoted by the United Nations. Each one of these initiatives is also described in the 2019 edition of our Sustainability Report. 
    2018 Sustainability Report
    2017 Sustainability Report
    2016 Sustainability Report

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