Our first solar photovoltaic generation plant, located in the municipality of Moncagua in the department of San Miguel, counts on installed capacity of 2.5 MW, produced through more than 8 thousand polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. Besides, it counts on a weather monitoring station that allows it to analyze and confirm its appropriate operation. Every year, the Moncagua plant prevents the emission into the atmosphere of 2,700 tons of CO2. 

Scope of the Asset Management System of the AES Central America Complex

The AES Central America complex comprises the energy generation businesses of AES in Panama and the Nejapa GAS thermal plant of AES El Salvador. The scope of the Asset Management system is the fixed assets of the energy generation process in the generation plants of the AES Central America complex, as well as related processes for the efficient management of these assets, which support generation: Competence, Commercial and Infrastructure (TI).

Asset Management Policy