The electrical equipment used for lighting, air conditioning and energy consumption management has been modernized. This provides multiple benefits, such as the efficient use of energy and the reduction in operation and maintenance costs, thus improving the profitability of your company and household economy. 

Efficient lighting

Our portfolio provides comprehensive efficient lighting services, essential to reach energy sustainability and to provide high performance in your consumption. 
We count on a line of industrial, commercial and residential lighting products and services with the highest quality standards that will allow you to achieve energy efficiency through cutting-edge technology, manufacturer's warranties, competitive prices and personalized advice.

LED public lighting 

We promote the creation of smart and sustainable cities by offering a comprehensive solution that allows municipalities to replace their traditional lighting fixtures by LED technology, which offers one of the largest energy savings when compared to other lighting sources in the market. 

Residential lighting 

We offer LED light bulbs of different powers, which allow you to improve your energy efficiency. Among the options that we have available are: 

  • 6W LED light bulb, with 87% less energy consumption when compared to a 45W incandescent light bulb. 
  • 9W LED light bulb, with 86% less energy consumption when compared to a 65W incandescent light bulb . 

These LED light bulbs are available in our commercial offices of CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM throughout the country .All these products carry a one-year warranty. 

Efficient air conditioning 

We make available the line of INVERTER air conditioning units with the highest energy efficiency certifications in the market. 

We have established alliances with well-known worldwide manufacturers in order to have access to cutting-edge products and services with manufacturer's warranties, competitive prices and, above all, the best support that a company such as AES can offer. 

Electrical energy audit 

If you want detailed information about your consumption, request our electrical energy audit service, which will provide information to make efficient use of energy without affecting your production or services. For example, you can know how much energy you are consuming, where is that energy consumed and which changes can be made to achieve efficient use. 

Among the aspects that can be evaluated with this type of audits are: 

  • Specific energy consumption evaluation 
  • Demand profile evaluation 
  • Power factor evaluation 
  • Measurement of operational parameters with existing fixed instrumentation and portable measuring equipment 
  • Energy efficiency evaluation 
  • Infrared thermography 
  • Evaluation of largest consumption centers 
  • Evaluation of potential for reduction of energy consumption for each measurement identified.

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