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    Frequent questions on invoicing
    What is the charge for electrical energy consumption?
    •  It is the charge for energy consumed during the month. This charge is not established by the distribution company, but is defined by the companies that generate electricity and is approved by SIGET. What you pay, your distribution company transfers directly to the producer.
    What is the charge for commercialization?

    It is a fixed amount paid monthly for services such as the issuance and delivery of invoices, attention in commercial offices, availability of the customer service hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, among others.

    What is the distribution charge?

    This charge reflects the value that the distribution company assigns to carry out network maintenance, improvement and expansion work (change of lines, poles, transformers, meters, use of new technologies, among others), to provide quality service to our customers. 

    What is compensation for Energy Not Served (ENS)

    It is the economic compensation made by your distribution company through the invoice for service interruptions, with the exception of those that are provoked by force majeure or fortuitous case. 

    What is the cost for municipal fee per pole?

    It is the amount paid to the municipal office for poles installed in the municipality. 

    Why is the charge for municipal fees included in my invoice?

    Municipal fees are defined by municipal offices. The distribution companies, as a service to the community, have an agreement with municipal offices to include in the electricity invoice, the cleaning, public lighting and solid waste taxes, so that all can be paid in one same place. 

    What is the charge for late payment interest in my invoice?

    Late payment interest is the additional value generated when an invoice is paid after its due date. 

    After how many months of default can my service be suspended?

    If you have two months of default, the service will be suspended 72 hours after the due date of the second unpaid invoice.

    What must I do if my service was suspended for non-payment?

    Visit any of our commercial offices or authorized collectors with your last overdue invoice. You must pay the entire outstanding amount, plus the cost for service reconnection. 

    What must I do if I consider that my invoice is excessive?

    Visit any of our commercial offices or call our customer service hotline, 2506-9000, to request an account revision. Remember to have the last invoice and the reading of your meter at hand. Besides, try to have a more detailed control of the electrical equipment used in your house to prevent increases in your invoice. Consult the following energy saving tips. 

    Frequent questions about the energy subsidy
    What is the subsidy?

    It is the discount provided by the Government as relief to households, according to the list of customers established by the Ministry of Economics, that have consumed, on the average, during the last six months, from 1 to 105 kWh.

    Who are the beneficiaries of the subsidy?

    The Ministry of Economics has determined a list of candidates that enjoy the energy subsidy. To qualify for the subsidy, besides the consumption, it is taken into account that the user must be a natural person, have low income, the owner of only one household, and that it is not used for recreational purposes. 

    If I am a beneficiary, how much is the subsidy that I will receive?

    According to the Presidential Decree that reforms the Regulations of the Law of the National Investment Fund in Electricity and Telephony - FINET -, as of August 9, 2018, if your average consumption during the last six months is between 1 and 105 kWh, a reduction of up to US$ 5.00 will be applied to the total amount of your invoice, and it will be reflected in the invoicing detail (this reduction will not apply to municipal fees). 

    Where can I get further information about the subsidy?

    If your consumption is within the ranges previously mentioned, and you believe that you qualify to be a beneficiary but are not receiving the subsidy, you can check the website of the Ministry of Economics. 

    Frequent questions about my meter
    What must I do if my meter is damaged?

    Report it immediately through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp 2136-7555, our customer service hotline 2506-9000 or in any of our commercial offices. 

    How can I request the relocation of my meter or my house's service connection?

    Visit any of our commercial offices with your last invoice. You must pay the corresponding fees and will be told the date for the meter relocation, so that on that date and time agreed, a person must be present to monitor the team that will carry out the work.

    How can I request a meter change for load increase?

    Visit any of our commercial offices with your last invoice. You must pay the corresponding fees and will be told the date for the meter change, so that on that date and time agreed, a person can be available to monitor the team that will carry out the work.

    Frequent questions about digital customer service channels
    Which are the digital service channels that are available?

    AES El Salvador makes available the following channels to address your requirements: AES Mobile App, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, company WhatsApp (2136-7555), virtual office through our web page (available for Internet Explorer only).

    What operations can I carry out through the digital service channels?
    • You can consult your balance, invoice replacements, history of municipal payments and, besides, it is possible to make inquiries and clarify any doubts about the energy service, among other processes. Remember that, besides, through the AES Mobile app and our company WhatsApp, you can pay your invoice without any commission charges.
    Frequent questions about faults and electrical risks
    What must I do if the branches of a tree are making contact with power lines or if lines are too low?

    Report it to our customer service number 2506-9000, through our digital channels, or visit any of our commercial offices. you must have your NIC number on hand. Remember that you must not touch the affected tree or the power lines.

    How can I report a public light fixture that is burned or damaged?

    Municipal offices are responsible for the maintenance of public lighting; so, in that case, you must communicate with your municipal office so that they address the problem.

    Questions about new services (Companies)
    What is "feasibility" at the time of requesting a new service?

    Refers to the availability of the necessary electrical infrastructure to perform the connection of a new supply to the corresponding distribution network and the definition of the electrical energy delivery point, as well as when a load increase is required in an existing supply.

    What does "budgeting" means when requesting a new service?

    Consists of estimating the costs of the work to be carried out for the connection of a new service or for the load increase in an existing service. 

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