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    Points of payment

    Points of payment

    We have more than 4,500 “Pagoluz” Points of Payment in strategic locations with accessible schedules (including weekends) at the national level, in order to offer more payment options for the electricity service with no additional cost. 

    You can pay your overdue and current electricity invoices, or those including reconnection fees, quickly and confidently, in any of the following authorized locations:

    Banks of the Financial System:

    • Agrícola 
    • Cuscatlán 
    • América Central 
    • Promérica 
    • Banco de Fomento Agropecuario 
    • Banco Atlántida 
    • G&T Continental 
    • Hipotecario

    Authorized collectors


    Sistema FEDECRÉDITO 


    Sistema Cooperativo FEDECACES 


    Red de Multiservicios AKI 


    Punto Xpress



    Tigo Money



    Other authorized collectors located in your neighborhood.
    You can also make your payment in any of our Commercial Offices located throughout the country.

    If you want to pay your invoice electronically, you can do it through Pagadito writing to our WhatsApp 2506-9000 or through the chat in our social networks. 

    Anti-Money and Asset Laundering Law
    In compliance with the “Anti-Money and Asset Laundering Law” it is MANDATORY to present your Unique Identity Document (DUI), passport or resident card, valid, legible and in good condition, to carry out any type of payment at our Commercial Offices.


    Learn here about the promotions available with our collectors to award the timely payment of our customers. 

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