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    Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    AES El Salvador: Sustainability and inclusion for social well-being
    In AES El Salvador, we work jointly with the communities to promote their sustainable development. We achieve this thanks to a solid Social Responsibility strategy based on two important pillars: sustainability and inclusion. 

    Under this strategy, issues such as education in energy efficiency, economic inclusion and gender equality, as well as the protection of natural resources and biodiversity, are approached through our axes AES Educación, AES Medio Ambiente, AES Mujer and AES Energía Rural. 

    Our CSR axes


    AES Rural Energy


    Electrification for rural and scarce resource populations that do not count on this vital service. 


    AES Education


    Education in the efficient and safe use of electrical energy for customers and community. 


    AES Environment


    Environmental conservation and biodiversity strengthening programs.


    AES Women


    Programs aimed at the professional and inclusive development of Salvadoran women.

    These four lines of action respond to our corporate goal of improving lives and, besides, contribute to the compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the United Nations.

    Recognitions obtained

    In the last decade, we have earned the recognition of diverse national and international institutions, thanks to the work and dedication of our people to generate a positive impact in the communities and their environment: 

    2008We were selected among the 10 best Corporate Citizens of the Americas by the Trust for the Americas Foundation of the Organization of American States (OAS), thanks to the development of our EnergíaMágica educational program.

    2010 The world leading company in information on energy and metals, PLATTS, placed our EnergíaMágica program among the 10 best community development projects at the world level. 

    We received the Business Excellence Award granted by the American Embassy in El Salvador for our innovative social responsibility practices AES Educación, AES Medio Ambiente and AES Energía Rural. 

    We were given the 2010 Prize to Ecoefficiency for the ¡Recicla! paper recycling program, awarded by the Salvadoran Business Council for Sustainable Development (abbreviated CEDES in Spanish).

    2015 We obtained the National Award on Energy Efficiency in the category of "Contribution to the promotion of a culture on the efficient use of energy", granted by the National Energy Council. The jury was formed by institutions such as USAID, GIZ, and Bandesal, among others. 

    Our CAESS and CLESA distribution companies earned the recognition of the Salvadoran Industrialists Association (ASI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the certification “Model Company 2016-2017” for our compliance with ethical standards of the industry. 

    We received the Jaraguá Award, granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador, in recognition to the effort and perseverance of our EEO distribution company to contribute to the economic and social development of the eastern zone of the country.

    2018We obtained a special mention in the "Positive Brand" contest of the Business Foundation for Social Action (FUNDEMAS) in the "Community" category for our contribution to Salvadoran women through our AES Mujer social responsibility axis and the program of "Fourth Category Courses on Residential Electrical Installations”. 

    2019 We were granted the “CSR Footprint” award for our "Responsible consumption and energy efficiency" program, where we promote a culture of adequate and safe use of the electrical resource in communities, businesses and industries. The award was granted by Grupo Cerca, through its Markets & Trends magazine, in coordination with FUNDEMAS. 

    We received recognition from the Forbes magazine as one of the Companies of Regional Impact in the categories of Corporate Image and Corporate Social Responsibility, thanks to the perception that our stakeholders have about the company in the country, highlighting our environmental commitment, the quality of our products and services, as well as our efforts to contribute to the inclusion of women and to community development. 

    We achieved an honorary mention in the category of "Corporate leadership in energy efficiency projects in support of the community" of the Regional Energy Efficiency Award granted by the Federation of Chambers and Industrial Associations of Central America and the Dominican Republic (FECAICA), for our contribution to energy sustainability and innovation in productive processes of the industrial sector in the countries of the Central American region. 

    2020 We achieved the first place in Corporate Social Responsibility and in Corporate Image among Salvadoran companies, according to the ranking prepared at the regional level by Forbes magazine. Likewise, we were placed in the Regional Top Ten among companies that consider inclusion as a corporate strategy, being the only company in the energy sector to receive a distinction in that category.

    Bósforo, an AES and CMI solar Project, obtained an honorable mention from the National Environmental Prize 2020 within the category “Good Environmental Practices” as a result of its contribution to the energy and environmental sustainability of El Salvador.

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