Primary and secondary networks 

We make the construction and maintenance of primary and secondary energy distribution networks available to you, both aerial and underground. Besides, we count on highly trained personnel and specialized technical equipment to guarantee that your project will be completed quickly and with quality. 

Electrical substations 

Our work team is highly trained in the design and construction of electrical substations, as well as in their respective maintenance, guaranteeing the operation of all their integrating elements through preventive, predictive and corrective actions, as well as with mechanical, electrical and dielectric tests.

Our services include general transformer cleaning, chemical, physical and electrical tests of transformer oil, replenishment of oil level if required, insulation resistance, transforming ratio, ohmic resistance, polarization index, absorption index, deviation percentage, and excitation current, among others. 


  • Extension of the expected life cycle of equipment 
  • Risk prevention for facilities and physical integrity of people 
  • Avoidance of non-programmed stoppages that imply loss of money and time.