Solar photovoltaic plant supply and installation services

We innovate with solar photovoltaic plant design, engineering, supply and construction services, contributing to the diversification of the energy matrix in our country and to environmental sustainability.

Our solar photovoltaic energy services are diverse and meet the highest standards, custom designed for customers in the commercial, industrial and services sectors. 

Solar photovoltaic plant O&M services 

We provide operation and maintenance services (O&M) for solar photovoltaic plants. These services are provided by a team of world-class operators with support from AES El Salvador. Thanks to our global and local experience, we make reliability and timely response available to you, as well as cutting-edge resources in the market. Besides, service contracts are designed according to your needs, with flexible terms and scope.


The AES Energy Storage platform provides a high-speed response to deliver energy to your system the moment it is required. 

This platform counts on advanced control structures that help improve the security and reliability of your supply, optimizing operation, increasing their useful life and reducing costs. Besides, it facilitates the incorporation of renewable energies, contributing to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption.