At AES El Salvador, we are committed to provide you a good service, therefore we are ever closer to you through our Commercial Offices located throughout the country. Click in our companies logos to know the location and services each offers. 


  • Hiring new services
  • Change of data
  • Queries on the current power service
  • Service reconnection payment
  • Among others

Point of payment: Pagoluz

A place closer to you to pay your electricity invoices. Find our points of payment here.

Self- service (ATM)

Through our network of ATM’s in our Commercial Offices you can perform the following transactions by entering the NIC (Contract Identification Number) that appears in your invoice. 

  • Energy invoice replacement
  • Update data
  • Invoice History
  • Know points of payment and commercial offices of AES El Salvador

Business protection

At our Commercial Offices you can carry out processes such as: 

  • Queries on invoicing errors or defective meters
  • Notify about irregularities, retroactive invoicing related to lines connected before the meter, connection of illegal services, seal breaking, and meter tampering, among others.