AES El Salvador: A company focused on the community and the environment

April 3, 2024

AES has established strong alliances with key institutions that share its vision of development and progress for El Salvador.

AES El Salvador is focused on accelerating the future of energy through three business divisions: Distribution, Generation and Solutions, while its Corporate Social Responsibility programs aim at a great goal: improving lives.

The CSR initiatives are based on aspects inherent to its business activity, which is why they have been conceived and designed with the criterion of adding value to the impact of its operations on communities and the environment.

AES El Salvador, a subsidiary of the US-based AES Corp., promotes actions of impact in various areas of its operation, but always under the pillars of inclusion and sustainability. AES Educación, for example, includes the development of educational programs on the safe and efficient use of electric energy.

With the Energía Mágica program, the company has educated more than 660,000 children from 1,065 schools, while the Industrial Energy Efficiency course has benefited 240 companies.

The company also strengthens the inclusion of Salvadoran women in the workplace through AES Mujer, with the development of their entrepreneurial skills and technical training workshops.


AES Mujer foto


Through 39 courses on residential electrical installations, AES El Salvador has benefited 748 women, while with its Empretec workshops, it has trained 285 entrepreneurs through 11 courses.

For its part, through AES Energía Rural, it has facilitated access to electricity for more than 84,000 rural families that did not have this service, and has also educated on the safe and efficient use of energy to more than 77,000 Salvadorans.




In terms of environmental conservation, the company implements bioconservation and education programs in urban arboriculture through AES Medio Ambiente.

AES recognizes the need to take actions that contribute to mitigating climate change and, especially, controlling greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, it has invested heavily in the development of clean technologies.

The company has 16 generation plants, 15 of them powered by solar energy and one by biogas. Likewise, it seeks to minimize the carbon footprint by promoting electromobility through the installation of public access chargers in strategic points. In addition, AES has begun the progressive renewal of its fleet with 100% electric vehicles.

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