Investment of US $ 80 thousand benefits 70 people in rural areas

The objective of this innovative project is to bring electricity to homes located in remote areas of the country, using a renewable source of energy that contributes to the economy and health of the communities, as well as to the conservation of the environment.

San Salvador, November 16, 2016. With an investment of more than 80 thousand dollars, AES El Salvador, through its company CLESA, inaugurated an innovative pilot project of electrical energy from photovoltaic sources, which will benefit 14 families of the Caserío Los Encuentros, in the municipality of San Francisco Menéndez, in the department of Ahuachapán.

In total, there are 70 people who now have access to solar electricity, thanks to the installation in their homes of photovoltaic kits, which include batteries for energy storage. In addition, AES El Salvador provided them with turbo cookers, which will allow them to substantially reduce their consumption of firewood and consequently affect the economy and the health of the beneficiaries.

This modern initiative by AES El Salvador aims to allow access to electrical energy to homes located in remote areas of the country, far from electrical networks, in a more efficient way. Additionally, it is a clean solution that, in addition to helping the family economy, contributes to the health of the communities and the conservation of the environment.

"Today we add to our program a new challenge, to incorporate new technologies to contribute more effectively to improving the quality of life of all Salvadorans," said engineer Abraham Bichara, Executive President of AES El Salvador.

El Salvador 100% electrified, a challenge for AES El Salvador
Bringing electricity to rural communities undoubtedly contributes to the reduction of poverty and inequalities. In El Salvador there are still some 60,000 families without electricity, approximately 5% of Salvadoran homes, most of them located in remote areas of the national territory. 

The objective of AES El Salvador is to take this project to another scale, to be able to reach thousands of families that live in remote areas with difficult access and that still do not have this vital service. This initiative is being evaluated jointly with the General Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications -SIGET-, and thus provide an effective alternative to achieve a 100% electrified El Salvador.

AES Rural Energy
For 15 years, AES El Salvador has brought electricity to more than 70 thousand Salvadoran families with rural electrification projects developed in conjunction with FINET, Fomilenio, municipalities and organized communities. Thanks to this sustained effort, the electrification rate has increased from less than 70% to 95%. 

AES El Salvador has invested more than 10 million dollars since 2001, significantly reducing the number of homes without electricity, thereby improving the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans in rural areas of our country. 

This is how AES El Salvador is committed to improving the quality of life of the communities and making a difference in those places where it operates, innovating in generating sustainable energy solutions.